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"They put a new twist on stories we think we know, and, as Swan Lake shows, they will try anything and can make even a tragedy brilliantly funny."

Living Spit's 

Swan Lake

Swan Lake. The most famous magical water-based avian ballet ever performed. But expensive, high-brow and 

normally only at a big city theatre miles away from where you live.


Well, not any more!


Theatre Orchard and Living Spit have teamed up to make the smallest ballet ever performed (probably.


With Howard & Stu joined on stage by two professional real-live ballet dancers this is a proper ballet in miniature. The dynamic duo have promised to leave the tutus at home but promises are made to be broken... Suitable for anyone aged 6-106 (no older that that please), this promises to be the funniest, danciest, water-fowlest micro- ballet the world has ever seen!

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