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“A side-splitting and raucous romp through the history of science…who knew science could be so entertaining!”

Giants of Science

Howard Coggins knows nothing about Science.

Stu Mcloughlin knows even less. 

Nevertheless, they have agreed to give a  lecture on the subject, and after enlisting the help of the smartest scientific sages of the ages, that’s just what they aim to do.


But even with the likes of Albert Einstein, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Mary Anning and…um…Kriss Akabusi along for the ride, the chances of the dim-witted duo making it through the evening with any sense of dignity remaining intact seems less than likely. 


Still, they’re determined, like a pair of Atoms missing a couple of electrons, to stay positive.


With jarring jokes, pitiful puppetry, and the silliest of scientific songs, you can expect this raucous romp through the hilarious history of scientific stupidity to be…well, if nothing else, thoroughly entertaining.


It might even be…Scien-triffic!™

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