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"Tautly-written, lively and fun-filled family entertainment"

The Devil & The Shopkeeper

"Once upon a high street, 
In a quiet coastal town
There lived a kindly shopkeeper
Called Jeremiah Brown"

In a world where the big brand supermarket is king, things are far from rosy for Jeremiah and his local shop.


Out of customers. Out of money. Out of hope.


It seems inevitable he will have to shut up shop for good.

Until one morning, when a mysterious stranger comes in and offers him a deal that promises to change his fate.


But will this deal be enough to restore Jeremiah’s livelihood and save his local shop? And what will happen when the stranger demands that Jeremiah pays the ultimate price- his very soul?


Told entirely in rhyme, with silly songs and live musical accompaniment, this promises

to be a local shopping spree you’ll never forget.

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