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'Once you’ve seen the best, nothing else will do.' 


1.Do you like quizzes?


a)  Yes! 

b)  No. Can’t stand ‘em. 

c) Oh, what a novel website. I’m intrigued to see where this goes... 

2. Do you enjoy being ENTERTAINED? 


a) Yes, of course! It’s my favourite thing ever! 

b)  No, I’m essentially a soul-less, empty husk of a human being.

c)  I wish I’d never looked at this website now. 

3. Do you CONSTANTLY annoy your friends by spouting pointless factoids and irritating nuggets of trivia on a vast array of subjects from Music and Movies to Geography and Sport? 


a) Yes! All the time! And I wish there was a way to channel this annoying trait into some sort of live quiz night.

b)  No. Go away. 

c)  What was that? I lost interest ages ago. 

Living Quiz

If you answered mostly A’s, then Living Spit’s Living Quiz is for you!
(Incidentally, if you answered mostly B’s or C’s, seek help immediately...) 

The Living Quiz is a quiz night with a twist! Every question is performed live: acted, sung, mimed or danced by Living Spit’s very own Howard Coggins and Stu Mcloughlin! 


Armed with just a Guitar, a Double Bass and a Ukulele, they mix improvisation techniques with their own unique performance style and apply them to the tired old ‘Pub- Quiz’ format, resulting in an explosively entertaining live quiz night with a difference. 

Form and name your team months in advance, or join a brand new one on the night to compete to win a very special, mystery star prize. 


Whatever you’re mental agility, from brainbox to novice, the Living Quiz promises to be so flippin’ entertaining that there’s something for everyone to enjoy! 


So grab your Granny, corrall your colleagues,  muster 

your mates and assemble yer In-Laws for a unique, live quizzing experience that’s never the same twice.

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