Living Spit started out as a bit of a joke.


After many years working as actors, both together and apart, Howard Coggins and Stu Mcloughlin had an idea for a show, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, based purely on the notion that Howard looks a bit like Henry VIII. (He really does!). In 2012, after cobbling together a script, Bristol Old Vic Ferment said they could put it on, but told them that first they’d have to form a company or they wouldn’t get paid. Never ones to allow small details to stand between them and cold, hard cash, and with the addition of Craig Edwards on directing duties, Living Spit was born.


They bought the costumes from charity shops, never spending more than a tenner. They made the props from various bits we had lying around their respective houses. Despite this people came to see the show and liked it and told them they should take it on tour and to Edinburgh, which they did. When literally no-one wanted to see it any more, they thought they ought to make another show, so in 2013 Adolf & Winston was born and played to packed houses at Bristol Old Vic and all over the country. Since then there have been  11 further shows, “In Cider Story” (2013), “The Devil and the Shopkeeper” (2013) “Elizabeth I -Virgin on the Ridiculous” (2014) “One Man & His Cow” “The Devil and The Shopkeeper 2 (A sequel) (2015) “Livng Spit’s A Christmas Carol” (2015), “The Fabulous Bacon Boys” (2016) "Tortoise Vs Hare" (2017) "Living Spit's Nativity" (2017) and "Giants of Science" (2018) All these shows opened in Bristol and toured countrywide. The company have a successful relationship with the Tobacco Factory, the last four shows having sold out in advance of opening. They took “Henry”, Adolf & Winston” and “Elizabeth” to the Salisbury Playhouse, and were asked to collaborate with them on a larger, main house show, "Frankenstein",  which subsequently played at the Tropicana in Weston-super-Mare, site of Banksy's "Dismaland".

"Their versatility and range is outstanding”