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"Delivers the sort of deep belly laughs that fans of Living Spit have come to expect...
The chemistry bubbles away like a test tube filled with itching powder."

Stagetalk Magazine ★★★★★

13th December 2022  - 10 February 2023

The Theatre Shop, Clevedon

The Exchange, Sturminster Newton

Trowbridge Town Hall

The Neeld, Chippenham
The Spring, Havant 
The Pound, Corsham
Dorchester Arts Centre
The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol
Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton
Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis

More Than A Feline

So, there’s this bloke. He’s stony broke. His name is Tristan Sprout,

He can’t afford to pay the rent; the landlord wants him out.

He has a cat called Roger who has several attributes

Of note: He talks and wears a pair of fetching kneehigh boots!

But then they hear a rumour of an Ogre on the prowl?

Can Tristan be a hero? Or will he throw in the towel…?




Stu Mcloughlin, actor and one half of Living Spit 

(the tall one with the big ears and the legs that just won’t quit),

Reckons that a brand-new rhyming show could be the chance

For him to demonstrate his new-found skills in Irish dance!

Howard (he’s the bald one) needs the new show to succeed, 

But against his better judgement he’s reluctantly agreed.


Told entirely through song and rhyming couplets, Living Spit’s new version of Puss ’n’ Boots

promises all the usual frolics, festivities and foolishness, plus the answers to such burning questions as: 


Is Stu’s Irish dancing actually any good? 


How are they going to do the Ogre? 




What’s the refund policy...?

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