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“Quickfire wit, broad brush parody and a healthy dose of blasphemy, delivered by a cast who have total mastery of their medium—the perfect mix for a good night in the theatre.” British Theatre Guide

“Pure chaos and hilarity...the audience were in fits of giggles and cheered their approval throughout.”

Bristol 24/7

“Living Spit’s charm has always been their ability to mess about with the most extremely crude and outrageous material imaginable, but in a way that only the hardest hearts could resist. And they triumph again. The ingredients may have changed, but the audience still shrieks with delight at what is served up.”

Stage Talk Magazine 

29 March - 22 May 2024

Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis 

 The Exchange, Sturminster Newton

Blakehay Theatre,Weston-super-Mare

The Theatre Shop, Clevedon

Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

The Passion of Living Spit


Get ready to witness the most divine comedy of all time. Join us for a hilarious theatrical journey through the life and unfortunate death of the bearded, ethnically ambiguous offspring of God, Jesus H. Christ.

Featuring a smattering of JC’s greatest hits; water into wine! Loaves and fishes! Parables! Miracles! Animals! Vegetables! Minerals! And with a holy host of reimagined Easter hymns, this is a Sunday school lesson unlike any other…


With a dash of irreverent wit, a sprinkle of divine inspiration and a hearty helping of tasteless biblical buffoonery, The Passion of Living Spit promises to give a whole new meaning to the term ‘Cross-dressing’.


They’re going to nail it!

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