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"This ribald reworking of her gothic horror classic is a beguiling rib-tickler."

“This ribald reworking of her gothic horror classic is a beguiling rib-tickler...the sense of mischief and sheer silliness are difficult to resist"

The Times

“Fabulous invention and sheer silliness underscore this anarchic adaptation.”

The Stage

“Amazing songs and music with side-splitting lyrics...Living Spit have definitely made Frankenstein their own. It is the perfect way to laugh away the winter blues.”

Salisbury Journal

"YOU might call it Frankenstein – the Tribute Show, but whatever the title it’s monstrously entertaining."



Two souls inextricably linked. One, a tortured and tenacious genius. The other, a hideous creature made up from bits of other people’s bodies.


Yes, Howard and Stu are back for Living Spit’s unique take on Mary Shelley’s gruesome gothic horror, Frankenstein.

Geneva, Switzerland, 1823. Deeply affected by his mother’s untimely passing and the death of Greg, his pet hamster, undergraduate Victor Frankenstein comes up with a plan. Using all of his best science-y skills, he endeavours to conquer death, once and for all – by creating life itself! But will his creation be to his liking? Or has Victor unwittingly made a huge mistake?

With a four-piece band pumping out original music, preposterous puppets, grotesque gags and diabolically desperate dance-moves, this rib-ticklingly raucous monster of a show will leave you in stitches.

2-27 November 2021

Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol
The Exchange, Sturminister Newton

AMATA Falmouth 

Prince's Hall, Clevedon 

26 October  - 20 November 2016

Salisbury Playhouse

Tropicana, Weston-super-Mare

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