Howard Coggins and Stu Mcloughlin in Fra

We're Living Spit. We make comedy-theatre shows. Which have music in. That we write. Some people like them. And laugh. In an appropriate way. We make them in Clevedon, North Somerset, UK. Cos that's where we live. Then we put them on all over the place.

Come and see us in 2020.

It might be alright.

Yes, that's right. after six months of thumb-twiddling and podcast- making, we're back with a brand new show, "Living Spit's Beauty and the Beast". Details below...

We're Back!

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All being well, we're going to performing this brand new festive extravaganza live on main stage at The Bristol Old Vic from when Bristol drops to Tier 2 to the 9th January. Tickets are on sale right now, and you can get your grubby little hands on them here...

But that's not all...

Of course we understand that in the current circumstances some people might not want/be able to visit a theatre, no matter how covid secure it is. Or maybe Bristol doesn't drop to Tier 2 and Christmas will only be complete by seeing your favourite two man musical comedy company do their worst...


Well, never fear...


Because because we've teamed up with our friends at the Bristol Old Vic to beam the show right into your living room!


We'll be streaming three (count 'em) shows live from the stage of the Bristol Old Vic, on the 18th December at 8pm and twice on the 19th December at 2pm and 8pm.

Click the button below for tickets to this online exclusive.

Living Spit's


& The Beast

Howard Coggins is beautiful.

There’s no escaping that.


But then so is Stu Mcloughlin.


In fact, Living Spit is widely known as the most physically attractive two-man musical comedy theatre company in the South-West. However, in this tale as old as time one of them will have to portray an ugly, foul-tempered beast. But which one will it be?


From the creators of the Offie award-nominated Six Wives of Henry VIII comes a brand-new, monstrously-musical, Disney-defying version of this classic French tale about what it means to be truly beautiful in the 18th century.


"'The Six Wives of Henry VIII' is a storming, surprising and sassy night out. The music is as cool as the wives are hot and, amidst the sharp dialogue, witty characters, deft theatricality and bloody fascinating history, I was genuinely moved. Cracking storytelling and a top night out." – Emma Rice (Wise Children and The Globe)


“Hysterically funny…left me with aching cheeks from laughing so much” – ***** StageWon


Think of Six, turn it upside down, add a couple of hysterical jokes, and you'll have The Six Wives of Henry VIII. The result is glorious. – **** Broadway World


“A brilliant, successful show that will ensure you have one of the funniest evenings of the beginning of this decade.” ***** - My Theatre Mates

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Company number 10390237 Occasionally supported by Arts Council England 
  Production Photography: Farrows Creative (The Six Wives of Henry VIII) Mike Kleinsteuber (In Cider Story)

Graham Burke (Adolf & Winston, Elizabeth I) Paul Blakemore (Devil & The Shopkeeper, A Christmas Carol, Nativity) The Other Richard (Frankenstein) Camilla Adams (Odyssey & Swan Lake)