Own your very own copy of "Living Spit's Greatest Spits", a timeless collection of songs from all 15 of Living Spit's shows in this physical legacy format.

Living Spit's Greatest Spits CD

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  • If you should fail to be delighted with your copy of "Livind Spit's Greatest Spits", return to us for a full refund.

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T +44 (0)1275 876093 |   Email livingspit@mail.com
Company number 10390237 Occasionally supported by Arts Council England 
  Production Photography: Farrows Creative (The Six Wives of Henry VIII) Mike Kleinsteuber (In Cider Story)

Graham Burke (Adolf & Winston, Elizabeth I) Paul Blakemore (Devil & The Shopkeeper, A Christmas Carol, Nativity) The Other Richard (Frankenstein) Camilla Adams (Odyssey & Swan Lake)